Takeaways from The Legal Geek 2018 Conference

I am writing this blog while on the bus with Ana leaving London to travel back home. What a better time to put together our takeaways from the Legal Geek 2018 Conference.

If you are interested in a more wholesome wrap up of the conference, check Artificial Lawyer’s coverage (part 1 and part 2) or #LegalGeek on Twitter and other social media.

Here I will highlight the points that continue to resonate in my mind (in chronological order) seen through my lens.


#LegalTech is about access to justice and lower the cost of access to justice.

(From the presentation of Rt Hon Lord Richard Keen, on the picture below.)

legal geek richard keen


In the #FutureOfLaw we shall see more fixed fees, modular services and legal services delivered remotely.

(From the presentation of Christina Blacklaws, on the picture below.)

legal geek christina blacklaws


People first! We shall find our purpose, mission and vision. Then let’s connect and break barriers.

(From the presentation of Maaike De Bie, on the picture below.)

legal geek maaike de bie


* Legislators shall support new and better services for those who need them. This might also be the bundle of different services together (legal and non-legal) to meet people’s’ needs. In any event legal service providers shall be transparent about prices and quality.

* New ways of delivery information to consumers are also very welcome.

(From the presentation of Richard Collins, on the picture below.)

legal geek richard collins


#LegalDesign is bridging the gap between the users and the law.

(From the presentation of Marie Potel-Saville, on the picture below.)

legal geek marie potel saville


What in the past did not work and we shall improve in the future is (i) legal procurement, (ii) legal operations, (iii) project/time transparency and (iv) engagement structures.

(From the presentation of Catherine Krow, on the picture below.)

legal geek catherine krow


Innovation in law is assigning the right piece of work to the right specialist.

(From the presentation of Al Giles, on the picture below.)

legal geek al giles

It was our first time at Legal Geek Conference but we now it will not be the last. We go home reassured that IURALL is in a great company and on the right directions. All the above highlights could easily be used in our platform’s presentation and maybe this is also the reason why I have them imprinted in my mind so strongly. However, I prefer to see it differently, that these are some of the Legal Geek messages and they coincide with IURALL’s mission.

But the messages were many more and our luggage is not only full of presents for our families but also hope, inspiration and new ideas for the future – stay tuned!

Thank you and see you at Legal Geek 2019.

Primož and Ana

legal geek primoz rojac
legal geek ana

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