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The time is now – we are starting a new feature – blog writing – and hope it will last. As always.

And with every writing the question is the same. Where to start?

We have dedicated our first writing to the first pitch of our vision. Last week we attended the Falling Walls Lab Ljubljana and presented IURALL to the public for the first time. The result? We broke the wall. The spirit is out and now you know that we are breaking the wall of access to law.

You can check our presentation in the attached pictures.

Our starting point is that we should not be afraid by the law. There is a need to acknowledge that the law is very important and is the glue that holds society together.

access to law

However, there are many problems related to the access to law. If you want to go niche follow #FutureOfLaw and/or #LawTech on social media and you shall be amazed. Here are a few:

  • Cost barriers;
  • Lack of cost / process predictability and transparency; and
  • Buyers’ lack of legal expertise – you need to know something about the law in order to know:
    • If / when you can benefit from legal help;
    • What are your legal needs; and
    • What is the optimal legal delivery service for you.

As lawyers we have acknowledged the above and are suggesting the solution ->

Iurall access to law

IURALL offers an online triage process backed by a network of legal practitioners. What do we do?

  • We identify and map clients’ legal needs; and on this basis
  • find the perfect solution = just the right level of services, at the appropriate time.

The perfect solution you ask? Yes, sometimes the information and/or brief guidance you may receive from IURALL could be enough. It’s like having the flu and your doctor advises you to take a few days off to get better. Nonetheless, if your case is more serious, your doctor might send you to the hospital and in the same way you can appoint outside legal service providers from our network of vetted ones. These service providers can be attorneys-at-law specialists in certain areas of law or alternative providers – it depends on your individual needs.

On top of that, at IURALL we are also developing technology enabled legal solutions but please stay tuned to learn more about this in the (near) future.

At the end of the day it is all about the benefits. Here are the benefits of using our law platform:

  • Online – fast and low-cost access to tailor made solutions. Since you can get Just in Time/Just Enough legal services, you can receive assistance earlier in the process. This enables you to mitigate the negative consequences of acting too late, making legal services less costly for you . As the doctor says: prevention is better than cure.
  • We reduce information asymmetries between providers and buyers of legal services enabling clients to get better attorneys.
  • IURALL provides an entry check for all legal services providers within our vetted network. Which means that you get access to trusted and specialised attorneys. Who doesn’t love gatekeepers?!
  • Monitoring. Although all the services are provided by attorneys/alternative legal service providers, we check the process so you can receive predictable and transparent legal services of quality.

We loved joining Falling Walls Lab and are grateful for the opportunity. Now, the spirit is out – the legal services zeitgeist is here and IURALL wants to lead it.


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